There are six prescribed architectural styles for

the estate homes in Riverhills, each modeled after the

root and vernacular architecture found in Fort Worth

and surrounding regions. 


The French style, once very popular in eastern North America, lost its luster after the Louisiana Purchase and only remained popular in New Orleans. The style later regained national popularity in the 1960s.



The most influential characteristic of the style comes from Medieval Revival architecture, and as the developed, it began to emulate English Renaissance becoming what we know today as English Tudor. 



The inspiration for this style came from ancient Greece and Rome. With its re-emergence at different times throughout history with different interpretations, Classical design has evolved into our National style.



The Craftsman Prairie style is rooted in the Arts and Crafts movement which influenced much of the architecture popular in the early part of the 20th century. This style emphasizes an expression of the house's structure in its form and detail.


The style draws its characteristics from the architecture found in the Mediterranean region including Spain and Italy, and is heavily influenced in the United States by the Italian Renaissance Revival.


Influenced by the Prairies, Bungalow and modern styles, the Texas Vernacular style become widely used by the late 20th century in the search for a more regional architecture where climate, local traditions and materials spoke of the design.